Gary S Wolfe, MBA, CPA, LUTCF®, CLU®, ChFC®
Wealth Management Advisor

Physicians Nationwide


Before I can speak intelligently about the services that might be appropriate for you and your family, I need to get to know you. And, before you can feel comfortable sharing your goals and dreams, you need to get to know me.

After spending several years in the "Big 8" as a CPA, and six years in the Oil & Gas Industry in Internal Auditing, I was dying a slow death behind the desk. Simply put, I became allergic to "Corporate Politics", and what I did for a living didn´t matter!

I wanted to use my financial background to make a difference in people´s lives. Losing my own father at 7 years old, while also partially losing my mom as well, because she was no longer available to me and my 3 siblings, as she was forced to go to work in the sixties, when Moms did not work outside the home, taught me that there is no finer love letter one can write their family than purchasing quality life insurance and disability income insurance, to protect their loved ones should they live too long, die too soon, or become disabled!

My daily frustration is that I am the easiest person in the world to put off when everything is alright, yet after 29 death claims and 10 disability claims in my 28 years in Practice, I am always the very first person people want to see when tragedy strikes. The CPA delivers a bill, the Attorney delivers a bill,and the Trust Officer delivers a bill. I deliver a Check!  If I´ve done my job properly, I give Loved Ones the Dignity and the right to go on living in the lifestyle they´ve become accustomed to.

So why am I the easiest person to put off now, when everything is O'K'? I do not let young husbands tell me fathers don´t die! That mentality falls upon deaf ears! Clearly, what I choose to do professionally makes a real difference in people´s lives. I truly feel that I am doing God´s work, by helping people help themselves! There is no topic in the Bible discussed more than being a "good steward of Money". The bonus in my business is when my clients become my friends. That seems to happen now on a regular basis, and for that, I am blessed!


  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Cincinnati
  • Master of Business Administration in Business from the University of Cincinnati

Awards and Recognition

Consistent Qualifier of the Northwestern Mutual Forum & Northwestern Mutual's exclusive Recognition Dinner, (approximately top 2% of the entire Field Force)

  • National Sales Achievement Award: 1990-2007
  • Million Dollar Round Table Qualifying Member: 1991-1998
  • National Quality Award: 1991-2017
  • Million Dollar Round Table Qualifying/Life Member: 1999-2017


Physicians Nationwide

Gary Wolfe is a member of Physicians Nationwide and current President of the Group. Physicians Nationwide is a group of qualified and experienced Northwestern Mutual Financial Representatives who specialize in serving the unique financial needs of physicians.


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